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Calcis, Alabama is My Hometown

Genealogy BLOGS

Carters & Related Kin in Alabama
Our Creek Cousins
Our Cherokee Cousins
Our Owen-Teague Cousins
Abernethy - Abernathy family in America

Justice family in America
Spruiells in America
Clinkscales in America
Honeycutt - Hunnicutt Family in North Carolina
Silver / Silbers Family in America

Davis family of Alabama
Catawba (SC) Families
Toe River Valley, NC - Families
Carter-DNA, BLOG

Lucas / Lucius
Hayne (Hain, Hines, Haynie)
Griffith / Griffin Family in America
Garrett / Jarrett

Cox / Coxe / Cook / Cocks / Wilcoxen
Bell / Boell / Ball

Howard / Howell
Hall / Hale
Carter DNA and Genelaogy
Choctaw Hester - Ancestors and Kin

[ More to be added...]

Quick Links to Other Pages & BLOGS

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  1. Abernathys in America
  2. Addicted To String
  3. Blue Springs Bazaar
  4. Justice Family of Calcis, Alabama
  5. Catcrafted - Unique Woven Gifts & More
  6. Cathy's Poetry & Prose
  7. Our French Ancestors
  8. Our Scottish Ancestors
  9. Clinkscales Family in America
  10. "Stringcat"
  11. Griffen Family in America
  12. Honecutt Family of North Carolina
  13. Inkle (Loom) Creations
  14. Macedonia North Baptist Church Cemetery - Vincent, Alabama
  15. "Weavercat"
  16. Patty-Patey-Petty Family in America
  17. Pickard Family of North Carolina
  18. Silvers/Silbers Family of North Carolina
  19. Speer/Spears Family in America
  20. Spruiell/Spruill/Sprewell Family in America
  21. Turner Family in America
  22. Generations Before Me
  23. Cherokee Cousins
  24. 1,000 Words - 2015
  25. Alabama Mounds
  26. Our Abbeville (SC) Ancestors
  27. Our Veteran Ancestors
  28. Toe River Valley (NC) Ancestors
  29. Our German Ancestors
  30. Ferguson Family of North Carolina
  31. Creek (Muscogee) Cousins
  32. Our Owen Cousins
  33. Our Irish Ancestors
  34. "Brother's Bar" - Band Family 1983-2003

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    • 2 January 2018
      Just dusting off some cobwebs...Trying to forget my sore gums. Not sure the virus, but all recommendations say hot or cold packs, to ease pain and reduce swelling. So I have an ice pack snuggled up to my face/jaw for as long as I can stand it.
      "Cobweb" is inside for the night due to cold weather. She was snoring earlier.>BR> Dave is snoring/sleeping on the sofa, and I am awkwardly propped up in front of the Chromebook.
      Oh yeah --- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
      Will be back to add more to this site, at some point. For now, I may watch video or read a book before shutting the lights off for the night. -- C A Abernathy

      February 2016

      Doing a bit of fine-tuning on several links within this page/site. Other than this, these pages should be very much as they were when I first built them. Any major re-structuring will come at a later date. I am seriously considering a few possible "new focus" areas of interest for this, and others of my websites. 1) Genealogy, 2) Writing, 3) String Crafts, 4) Local and Family History, 5) Songwriting and poetry, and 6) Photo Essays, Photo Books -- collections

      For now please visit my 'sister site' (BLOG) -- -- to see what I have been doing since 2010. Thanks for your interest in my site -- Cathy A.

      Calcis, Alabama is my home.

      March 7, 2010

      I have been gathering pieces from ALL my online collections of pages, sites, blogs and Genealogy Databases -- it has been quite a chore; and I know I probably have missed several thus far -- being online since 1996, there has been a lot of territory that I have covered.

      "Tripod" was my first site -- and their page composer helped me to learn how to code HTML, and lead to paid job for a while. Thank you, Tripod!

      The recent additions and improvements have made 'spring-cleaning' even easier for this site. I do hope you enjoy what I have posted here.

      Thank you, for visiting.

      -- Cathy Ann Abernathy

      June 28, 2005

      Be sure to check out and sign a comment in our "BLOG"

      It has been quiet thus far, and I would enjoy hearing from folks that visit my site.

      There is a 'major overhaul' I need to do with this website. First and most easily updated will be the online album pages; but this too will take time. I have hundreds of photos to get organized, sized, and captions written for. These photos range from family heirloom photos, to band & college photos from the 1980's-1990's, to everyday (digital) photos that I and Dave have taken around the farm the past several years.

      Should you find a photo on one of these pages that you would like a "Full-sized" copy of; I can make arrangements and get them (burned to CD), and sent 'snail mail' to you for a reasonable fee. Postage and shipping isn't cheap these days, as you know.

      Genealogy Notes

      I have taken a bit of a break from doing family tree research; but do answer email queries about folks who are listed in my GEDCOM information, and online databases.

      If I can find a system of presenting my GEDCOM information on my OWN website, that is not too bulky or awkward to use, I hope to have the 'extended' family tree uploaded sometime in the (near?) future.

      Until then I will continue to host my data with and other FREE genealogy services. So please check these out if you want to know more.

      To access my most recent file directly, go to the welcome page and type "werecat2005" in the 'go to a specific database' box, then press 'enter. This should get you to the master index of the 50,000+ individuals currently in my 'extended tree.

      Thank you, for stopping by. "Ya'll come back" again.

      -- Cathy Ann Abernathy

      June 23 2005

      After having lost the more recent version of my "index.html" page. I have had to 'dig up' and older version and dust off the code; migrate some text to separate pages, and add this new entry.

      There are many more things I want to do; but it's late, and I want some much needed sleep.

      I'll be back soon with link to several online photos album pages (still being 'roughed-out') and other things related to family and photos.

      G'bye for now.

      --- Cathy Ann Abernathy


      Music / Songwriting

      Marc-Alan Barnette - songwriter/performer
      "Rollin' In The Hay""

    "Trail of Tears"
    See: Tsagali: (Cherokee) Page

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